See what's new for MIPJunior

See what's new for MIPJunior


This year, we have a raft of heart-warming programmes suitable for big kids and small, including new series from the biggest children’s act in the world, The Wiggles, plus new series from Giggle & Hoot and Play School, along with a host of new and award-winning programmes from Australia’s home of school-age kids content – ABC ME.


The Wiggles: Emma! Series 2

Yellow Wiggle Emma stars in her own solo show! In each episode, Emma invites us into her special bow room where every day holds a new adventure.

Play School: Stop, Look, Listen

This joyful series features young children engaged in sensory experiences. Episodes take place in stunning natural environments and feature calming activities like rainforest walks, exploring rockpools, feeding animals and more.

Giggle and Hoot: Specials

Join host Jimmy Giggle, Hoot and Hootabelle for music, fun, friendship and laughter in these specials compiled from the phenomenally successful, multi-award-winning children’s program, adored across the country.


What It’s Like

In this Prix Jeunesse Award-winning series, kids from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances speak directly to camera, sharing stories about their lives, hopes and dreams – their ups and downs, what bothers them, and what they find funny.

What’s For Dinner

With a big spoonful of creativity, a pinch of tradition, and a dash of fun, these Australian families have all the ingredients they need to answer the all-important question…what’s for dinner?


Meet some BFFs who explain what makes their pal #1! Sharing confidences about siblings, hobbies and awkward moments, these chums are prepared to show how much they really know about each other by taking the ultimate bestie test!

Pet Superstars

Move over Catty Perry, Yak Efron, and Horsey Styles – there are some new pet superstars in town! Meet these epic pets and learn all about the special bond they share with their humans.

Advice to My 12-Year-Old-Self

Featuring a host of inspiring individuals including politicians, athletes, academics, activists, performers and artists who outline the advice they would give to their 12-year-old-self now, and how they use their experience to change the world today.

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