Mikki vs The World chosen for The Wit Fresh Kids TV @ MIPTV 2021

Mikki vs The World chosen for The Wit Fresh Kids TV @ MIPTV 2021


Some of the most popular presentations at MIPTV each year are The Wit sessions, presenting the best and most creative new Formats, Fiction and Kid’s television from around the world.

The Wit CEO Virginia Mouseler said ‘The session presents information and inspiration for creators and acquisition teams around the world with 2021 trends focusing on diversity, inclusion and mental health issues’.

The Wit’s Fresh Kids TV session profiled ABC Me’s new show Mikki vs The World as one of the trendsetting children’s programs of the year.

Mikki vs The World is a fresh and upbeat format that tackles mental health for young people through a mix of scripted, situational comedy and factual entertainment - along with advice from teenagers, celebrities and mental health experts. Mikki, or Dr M as she is known to her friends, is a newly minted psychologist wants to help with a variety of issues that plague teenagers such as feelings, the first kiss, insta vs reality, feeling under pressure or being anxious. Mikki's journey is experiential, but also heightened for comedy, so the audience can watch her actions at arm's length, laugh about them, and then reflect on how they might best manage those issues in their own lives.

Mikki vs The World was one of only nine shows chosen for the session. Other kids series showcased are animations Super Sema (Africa) and The Adventures of Tumeke Space (New Zealand), educational holiday camp series Camp Kookiness (Netherlands) and Pubertets Camp (Norway), observational reality series Stripped Down (Netherlands), Operation Awesome (USA) and competition series Make-Up-Cup (Netherlands) and The Faker (Netherlands).

Mikki vs the World will broadcast on ABC Me in May 2021.