ABC Commercial launches exciting new programmes at MIPDOC 2019

ABC Commercial launches exciting new programmes at MIPDOC 2019


ABC Commercial will once again present an exciting slate of eye-opening new release Factual Entertainment and News & Current Affairs programmes at MIPDOC 2019 in Cannes.

Here’s a preview of what we have in store for this year’s market:

THE ROYALS ON TOUR (HD 2 x 60’ Factual Entertainment)
The Royals on Tour is a fascinating two-part television event that examines the relationship between The Crown and its People, as seen through the lens of major historical and political turning points and more than half a century of historical footage. Featuring never-before-filmed letters written by the Royal Family, and revelatory interviews with historians, insiders and notable personalities, this riveting series serves as a seminal documentary about The Crown’s enduring impact.

THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN BEE CHALLENGE (HD 2 x 60’ Factual Entertainment)
Australians share their country with one of the world’s most beautiful and industrious creatures – bees. Under threat across the world, Australia remains a safe haven for these fragile creatures. In this uplifting series, host Paul West (River Cottage Australia) guides four families as they compete against one another with the help of experts and cutting-edge science to build thriving hives that produce delicious honey.

THE STREET VET (HD 12 x 30’ Factual Entertainment)
In this uplifting series, impassioned animal advocate and Chief Veterinary Officer for American Humane Dr Kwane Stewart spends his weekends treating the pets of the homeless. For people or families who’ve fallen on hard times, the bond they share with a pet can be one of the most joyous aspects of their lives. From people living on the streets who need help in a crisis, to suburban families doing it a little tough, Dr Kwane is on hand to help. Healing pets and healing people – one story at a time.

ESCAPE FROM SAUDI (HD 1 x 60’ News & Current Affairs)
It was a voice of desperation, an urgent SOS to the world. A Saudi teenager, trapped in transit, on the run from her family and the Saudi state, hoping to make it to Australia. Now this special report reveals how it all unfolded, using exclusive footage from Rahaf Al Qunun and reporter Sophie McNeill, who flew to Bangkok to capture the teenager’s despair and jubilation as she ultimately found asylum in Canada.

MEET THE SCAMMERS (HD 1 x 60’ News & Current Affairs)
Their voices are persuasive, their emails insistent and they’ve proven to be remarkably successful at conning people into handing over their money. Now, this riveting report investigates how scammers operate, uncovering an online marketplace where fake identities and criminal skills are bought and sold – with devastating consequences.

LEAVE NO DARK CORNER (HD 1 x 30’ News & Current Affairs)
‘Leave No Dark Corner’ is a slogan China’s authorities have long used to root out unstable elements in society. But it equally applies to Social Credit – the dystopian scorecard system China is currently trialling, keeping an evolving trustworthiness score for each of its 1.4 billion citizens – and rewarding or punishing them accordingly.

To learn more, check out ABC Commercial’s full programme catalogue or visit us during the market in Cannes on stand # P-1.B89.

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