ABC Commercial Head to weigh in on kids content at Screen Forever

ABC Commercial Head to weigh in on kids content at Screen Forever


ABC Commercial’s Head of Content Sales & Distribution Jessica Ellis joins fellow kid’s content specialists Dierdre Brennan from Wildbrain and Jane Gould from Disney for the panel How Good Are Aussie Kids Shows?, moderated by Donna Andrews (Sticky Pictures) as part of the 2021 Screen Forever Conference (16-18 February, 2021).

The Australian children’s production community has built an industry that is both local and export-market focused, delivering multi-award-winning content that is embraced by global audiences. With high quality, thought-provoking stories that resonate with children in Australia and abroad, Australian kids’ productions are up there with the best! 

A profitable sub-sector of the Australian production industry, the genre also exploits merchandising, publishing and community engagement opportunities, amongst others.

The panel will be discussing topics and answering all the big questions such as: ‘Why do Australian children’s programs work?’, ‘Why are international companies looking to Australia to invest and co-produce?’, ‘What are the global trends?’, ‘What are acquisition executives looking for in 2021?’ and ‘How do Aussie shows stand out in a sea of international competition?’.

How Good Are Aussie Kids Shows? can be viewed on the Screen Forever website from 12.00PM – 12.45PM on Wednesday February 19, 2021.