Inside the May 2016 issue of Gardening Australia Magazine

Inside the May 2016 issue of Gardening Australia Magazine

Gardening Australia May 2016 Issue

Decisions, decisions When you’re in the market for a new rose, how do you pick the right one? There are climbers, standards, groundcovers, shrubs … and such a variety of colours and fragrance to choose from. Rose expert Elizabeth Swane explains what the different types are, and lists uses and classic favourites in each group. This succinct little guide will set gardeners on the right track.

The first rose Records are sketchy, but it’s fun to piece together the clues to imagine what the first rose, or roses, might have been in Australia. Jackie French puts on her historian’s cap to explore our colonial rose heritage.

Flowers for Mum Chrissies, mums, call them what you will – for close to a hundred years, chrysanthemums have been entwined with Mother’s Day, and they are still a fabulous flower for a cutting garden. Noel Burdette presents their history and advice for beautiful blooms.

The Shady Bunch The sun is low, shadows are long, and the vegie patch isn’t receiving much light at the moment. Does it have to lie fallow through winter? No, says Marcelle Nankervis, there are plenty of vegies to grow in semi-shade, and ways to manage the challenges of wet or dry winters.

Tino knows his onions... … and his other alliums, too. Garlic, onions, chives, shallots and leeks are kitchen staples, and many make a striking statement in the vegie patch with their long stems and pretty flowers. Tino Carnevale’s growing guide focuses on good soil preparation and planting advice

Gardener of the Year The competition for 2016 is now open, with a fabulous prize of a trip for two to London, to take in the Chelsea Flower Show, Hampton Court and other gardening delights. You can find all the details in this issue, and also take a look inside the private garden of Steven Wells, who was the 2012 winner for his therapeutic garden in a rehabilitation facility in Melbourne.

Also in this issue:

  • Expert advice for gardeners with sloping sites
  • Troublesome trees – don’t let invasive roots ruin your life
  • Lessons to take home from a designer courtyard in Western Australia
  • Trend-spotting at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show

For interviews with horticultural editor, Phil Dudman, call 0410 625 622. For images or more information, call (02) 9901 6325 or (02) 9901 6301.

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