Visual Arts

Writer, historian and art critic Robert Hughes presents a survey of Australian art from the time of the First Fleet to the present day, based on the social background of the times and the overseas

A documentary on the life and art of James Gleeson, Australia's foremost Surrealist painter to mark his 80th year.

West Australian artist Howard Taylor's death in 2001 brought to a close a career that began in prisoner of war camps in the 1940s and ended with his recognition as one of the greatest artists

We travel way out back to Broken Hill, an unlikely location for a town with a reputation as a prolific producer of authentic Australian art.

Mirka Mora has been a part of the local scene for more than 50 years. A survivor of the Holocaust, Mirka wanted to live somewhere, she says, where war was unlikely.

The program begins with a look at some of the career highlights of one of this country's most influential newspaper cartoonists.

The photographs of Carol Jerrems embody the seventies in Australia, a decade defined by its challenges to convention, morality and social order.

An inspirational story about the life and work of the renowned visual artist, Rosalie Gascoigne, who died in 1999.

The booming public interest in artworks as investment has meant a bonanza for those in the business of art. At the latest round of art sales, $16 million was spent in the space of a week.