Sport and Leisure

In the early hours of Sunday June 24 tens of thousands of Australians set their alarms to watch a horse race in England.

The Sydney Olympics delivered heroes and unforgettable moments. But there was one event that gathered up the Australian community as one, and made them all feel good at the same time.

Palm Island, 65 kilometres from Townsville, has a bad history with kids. Most have entered a cycle of dysfunction, drugs, alcohol and violence by the age of 15.

Knight Rider features a story on a female cattle roper - an aboriginal woman who took up cattle roping in her forties and how she has re-ignited her passion for rodeos.

This episode of Message Stick takes us to far north Queensland to the small town of Babinda.

Wacky, wild and full of wonder, Kids in the Garden, is a colourful new series for 8 -12 year olds which inspires kids to get their hands dirty.

This is the three part TV history of Australia via the cars we drove - how we became a car nation.

Jennifer Byrne is joined by Australian travel writer Cate Kennedy, Scottish historian and travel writer William Dalrymple, journalist and member of the British Guild of Travel Writers Claire Scobie

Gardening Australia was the first in the trend of "infotainment" programs, with the emphasis always on information.

Boxing is one sport that has produced some outstanding indigenous talent such as Lionel Rose, Tony Mundine and George Bracken.