Society and Culture

Kids on Speed? is a hybrid of observational documentary, factual intervention and social experiment.

Directed by Maya Newell, Growing up Gayby follows director Maya Newell who was raised by two mothers, and charts her journey as she explores the impact of gay parenting.

Over the course of one night, three ordinary Australians confront the memories, realities and consequences of one of the nation’s greatest public health issues – suicide.

In The Vagina Diaries, presenter Nat Harris cracks the vagina taboo wide open to explore a procedure called labiaplasty.

On the frontline of a cyber war, masked vigilantes known as 'Anonymous' fight for internet freedom.

Dating The H*Bomb looks at the mine field that is living and loving with the herpes virus.

Survival and success, the stories of Jewish families who lost everything in WW2 and rebuilt their lives from scratch here in Australia.

A new breed of fashion designers is turning heads on the Australian catwalk catering to Muslim women eager for cutting edge designs better suited to our lifestyle and climate.

Those close to death seem to have insights on life that the rest of us fail to understand, as we race through our seemingly infinite days.

Compass sets off deep into the Australian desert to join a camel trek for Muslims.