Social Change

Every December Jean and Peter Ridley hook up their "Caravan of Hope" to bring Christmas cheer and joy (and toys for kids!) to the people of the bush.

We look at Jeff Gambin, a retired business man and gourmet chef, who devoted his life to the homeless, feeding them and helping them get back into society and find jobs.

Over five decades thousands of women gave up their newborn children for adoption.

This two-part series examines the issue of same sex marriage in Australia, following three different couples at work and at home, and in the second episode Geraldine Doogue discusses the issue with

For some time now there's been a bruising debate about the balance of funding handed out to public and private schools.

Doug Longbottom, an Aboriginal elder from the south coast of NSW, is laying down the law to young Robert Ardler.

Fire Talker traces the life of Charlie Perkins from his humble beginnings to becoming one of the most influential Indigenous figures in Australia’s history.

"The more I give… the more I keep" is the philosophy of Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison, a Yuin elder from Narooma on the South East Coast of Australia.

Professor Marcia Langton has had a much publicised career.

In the first years of settlement in Australia there were more than 250 recorded Indigenous languages.