Rural Affairs

If we converted Australia's entire sugar cane crop into ethanol, using conventional techniques, we still wouldn't have anywhere enough fuel to drive our cars.

These three men have just 2 hours over 2 days to take a wild colt, break it in and ride before an exacting panel of judges ... at the biggest horse event in the southern hemisphere.

For many farmers, developing drought-resistant strains of wheat means the difference between surviving the next "Big Dry", or, leaving the land.

From the early 1800's Aboriginal people have been used as guides and trackers by the police force. This century one of the most highly regarded was Sergeant Alexander Riley of Dubbo, NSW.

Once upon a time there was a tiny sugar-producing township called Tully in Far North Queensland, Australia. Tully is renowned for its endless sugar fields and...rain.

The story of a man whose strange farming practices are puzzling agricultural scientists.

A series that revisits the lives of people originally filmed for the ABC's Big Country finding out what has happened to them since the program.

27 year old Gayle Shann was working with her husband putting in fence posts on their property “Cantaur Park” when her glove became entangled in a drilling machine inflicting shocking injuries and n

Peter Andrews is a farmer and horseman with passion for healing damaged Australian landscapes through a method he calls natural sequence farming. For decades it seemed no one would listen.