Rural Affairs

Salinity has been called the biggest environmental threat to Australia in the 21st century.

An excellent program for geography students. Divided into three parts, this 30 minute special focuses on river health and water quality in Australia.
River Health

A year in the life of the McBean family who run the largest privately owned cattle station in Australia. "Bradshaw" covers 10,000 square kms and lies along the Victoria River in the Top End.

Recently unearthed in an America University, 30 precious paintings by the Aboriginal artists of Carrolup Settlement.

An Australian Geography Education series aiming to provide both an historical and modern understanding of the Australian environment. Suitable for lower- middle secondary students.

This special compile examines the issues around the controversial plan by the Federal Government to intervene in Aboriginal communities. Segments include:
7.30 Report

This special compile DVD looks at the revelations of sexual abuse and violence perpetrated against Aboriginal women and children in some Northern Territory communities. Segments include:

Australia's well is running dry. The world's most arid continent is also the biggest user of water per head of population.

Australia is planting trees. After years of debate about logging old growth forests what could seem more sensible or more worthy?