Politics and the Law

Australia might be riding on the coal miner's back but it seems many Australians are paying a terrible price for the mineral export boom.

Police, drugs and money - a special report on a three year undercover investigation into NSW police corruption.

John Howard will finally get to deliver on his bold vision.

"Adverse Outcomes" investigates deaths and injuries among newborn babies at a nationally famous teaching hospital.

For more than a century the hamlet of Yarloop, in the south of Western Australia, has lived off the bounty of its soil.

It’s almost as hard to get into Supermax as it is to get out. This 21st century jail-within-a-jail is exclusively reserved for the most sinister of criminals.

In September 1915 a patriotic young Australian journalist named Keith Murdoch visited the Anzac battlefield at the Dardanelles where, just weeks before, thousands of Australian and British soldiers

Professor Marcia Langton has had a much publicised career.

This program looks at the Koori Court system in Victoria.

Ernie was the first Indigenous Australian to be appointed a Cabinet Minister in any Parliament in Australia.