Politics and the Law

Much like the brain surgery he does every day, Dr Charlie Teo is a challenging, highly complicated individual. The self described maverick, many patients see him as a miracle worker.

He is one of the rarest species on Earth. A popular politician. He entered parliament in 1960 and was the Liberal with so much get up and go, that he ultimately got up and went.

Ciaron O'Reilly is a devout Brisbane-born Christian pacifist.

Andrew Denton first met Annie Robinson during the 'Show and Tell' segment on Enough Rope two years ago. That's when he found out about the term 'metastatic cancer': cancer gone wild.

Sometimes a life is so shattered you just have to tread gently through the wreckage to find the human being at the centre of it.

At great cost to his deteriorating health, Bernie Banton has been the face of the James Hardie compensation case.

Geoffrey Robertson QC, Human Rights lawyer and author, well known for his television 'Hypothetical' series, leads a forum about the issues associated with recruiting and working with people with di

Almost daily, the barrackers for nuclear power notch up a small new victory.

Private tollways are catching on in Australia’s biggest cities, an experiment in controversial deals called Public Private Partnerships (PPPs).

In 2010 no one was predicting Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott would lead their respective parties into a Federal election. Now they are involved in the political fight of their lives.