An exciting new Compass series hosted by theologian Scott Stephens who talks to high profile Australians about what they think is the meaning of life.


Imagine the glottal stops and strange consonant combinations of the Tatar language set to exotic tones and rhythms of African instruments.

This is a personal perspective on the life and music of jazz multi-instrumentalist James Morrison.

What's life really like for women in the Islamic world? To what extent is our opinion of them based on Western prejudice? We profile five remarkable women who challenge conventional stereotypes.

From Bathurst Island, 80km north of Darwin, a Eucharist service in the Roman Catholic tradition integrating Aboriginal traditional elements and conventional Catholic liturgical forms.

Peter Sculthorpe, the acclaimed Sydney based composer, began composing at the family piano at the age of eight.

Recognised as one of Australia's most talented musical exports, Tommy's career began on the road at the tender age of six.

Moulded by the Depression - befriended by artists like Arthur Boyd and Syd Nolan - he started jamming more than 70 years ago.

Country music star Anne Kirkpatrick is part of a family legend. Her parents, Slim Dusty and Joy McKean, took Anne on the country show circuit from when she was a toddler.

A traditional Christmas concert with choir, orchestra and performers, Jenny Woodward hosts The Spirit Of Christmas from the Conert Hall of the Queensland Performing Arts Centre featuring the Queens