Mental Health

Youth-driven discussion program, hosted by John Faine. This series reviews situations in which teenagers make contact with the Police Legal system. Drama is used to demonstrate issues.

Young Australian psychologist, Dr Robyn Young's extraordinary expedition into the nature of intelligence in a continent-wide journey to meet some of the world's most prodigious minds, including som

Can Naturopathy help a mum wanting to lose weight after having a baby? And a workaholic turns to hypnotherapy after a life changing trauma.

In this crazy world few of us escape some kind of neck jamming, muscle cramping, eye bulging strain due to the pressures of our lives.

It is something that thankfully most of us will never experience but for those that have endured a major trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has a profound and often debilitating impact o

When it comes to life skills the one we are least trained for is probably parent hood. And when it comes to children’s behavioural problems the parenting role is often stretched to the limit.

Whatever happened to the real Rain Man, the quiet genius Kim Peek, whose extraordinary life story inspired the character played by Dustin Hoffman?

This four part series examines four emotions in detail, from their evolutionary origin, to how the emotion is regulated by the body's own drug factory.

Croatian-born grandmother Gina Sinozich has painted a prodigious and impressive collection of hundreds of internationally celebrated paintings since she first took up a brush just six years ago.

A follow-up to the earlier Andrew Denton series "Blah Blah Blah", using a late-night chat-show format, and featuring a particular topic for each episode, with comedy sketch segments, vox pop street