Mental Health

It began as a well-intentioned social reform: fling open the doors of big institutions and help mentally ill people live in the wider community.

This two-part series follows a pair of mums as they discover how to do something most mothers take for granted - fall head over heels in love with their babies.

Statistics show that one in four women suffer from depression at some point in their life, and with men it's one in six. Experts in Indigenous health say it's double that in our communities.

Jack Heath is a former diplomat and political adviser who became a high flying speech writer and confidante of a prime minister.

The journey of a unique rock band, whose members all have physical or intellectual disabilities, takes them from the Melbourne pub scene to the stage of the UN building, New York.

A two-part documentary special which examines the impact of sexual violence on the lives of Australian victims, and tries to gain an insight into why it happens.

Year 9 students at Geelong Grammar School's Timbertop campus in the Victorian Alps undergo the first year of a world-first experiment in education.

An exciting new Compass series hosted by theologian Scott Stephens who talks to high profile Australians about what they think is the meaning of life.


This program charts the adventures of an octogenarian motor bike rider who's suddenly become the centre of a social networking phenomenon.

Maggie MacKellar was a city dweller who seemed to have it all – a successful academic career, a devoted husband, a young daughter and another baby on the way.