Looks at how the white criminal justice system seeks to involve Aboriginal tribal law in the punishment of serious crime.

The Aboriginal people have developed a vital and imaginative religious culture centred around myths, comprising legends of the ten ways life began and how their society, laws and customs were estab

CONTACT is constructed around one of the most extraordinary filmed and photographed moments in Australian history: the day in 1964 when a group of 20 Martu women and children walk out from the noma

The role of churches and missions in removing Indigenous children from their families.

Professor Geoffrey Blainey presents his view of Australia, past and present.  In this, his first television venture, he examined Australia's past, exploring not only major influences and events whi

From the early 1800's Aboriginal people have been used as guides and trackers by the police force. This century one of the most highly regarded was Sergeant Alexander Riley of Dubbo, NSW.

On Sunday June 10 1838 at Myall Creek in Northern NSW, 28 Aborigines, men, women and children of the Wirrayaraay people were killed by a mob of white stockmen.

These documentaries use a variety of primary sources to investigate issues in Australia's past.

The apology in Federal Parliament to the Stolen Generations of Australia, by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was a defining moment in the nation's history.

2012 marks the 45 year anniversary of a crucial moment of national decision - the 1967 Referendum.