Four Corners

For some time now there's been a bruising debate about the balance of funding handed out to public and private schools.

Every day, worldwide, laboratories routinely analyse human genes to pinpoint a whole range of suspected diseases. Life-saving treatment can depend on fast, accurate diagnoses.

The harrowing story of the therapist whose work led some patients to believe they'd committed or been the victim of shocking sexual crimes.

Doug Longbottom, an Aboriginal elder from the south coast of NSW, is laying down the law to young Robert Ardler.

Typical of many regional centres around Australia, Mackay in Queensland is a place that appears to have it all - tourism, lucrative mines and lush farmlands.

It's a telling statistic that seven out of ten Australians die what might be called an "expected death". In many cases doctors can tell patients roughly how long they have to live.

On the eve of the government's release of its controversial climate change legislation, reporter Liz Jackson investigates the relentless lobbying campaign conducted by environmentalists and in

Reporter Debbie Whitmont travels to the Top End to discover what will happen following a government move to scrap a controversial 35-year-old experiment in bilingual education.

Is it parents who cave in to "pester power" by allowing their kids too much junk food – and not making them run and jump?

The old mantra – all girls have XX chromosomes and all boys have XY – is no longer reliable. The proof lives in as many as 40,000 Australians whose chromosomes don’t match the standard.