Four Corners

Twenty years after the High Court's Mabo judgement, the inside story of the court decision that threatened to divide a nation.

It's been described as the boom that keeps on giving - an export bonanza that will help Australia ride through a world-wide economic downturn.

Ask most Australians about the impact of the GFC and they'll tell you it wasn't too bad.

Leading up to the global financial crisis, the entrepreneurs of Ireland were having a field day. Money was being borrowed, investment projects approved and the economy was booming.

What happens when a foreign mining company bails out of a big project in a developing country? Who wins? Who loses?

Over five decades thousands of women gave up their newborn children for adoption.

Almost daily, the barrackers for nuclear power notch up a small new victory.

Private tollways are catching on in Australia’s biggest cities, an experiment in controversial deals called Public Private Partnerships (PPPs).

In 2010 no one was predicting Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott would lead their respective parties into a Federal election. Now they are involved in the political fight of their lives.

Twins Anne and Helen were 20 years old when they learned they had been conceived from an anonymous man’s sperm. They spent the next 20 trying to crack the mystery of his identity.