Environment and Natural History

Australia faces a population explosion of 60 per cent or more over the next four decades.

Marine biologist Alastair Birtles has made hundreds of dives on the Great Barrier Reef.

A visually stunning story of our planet from birth to death and the influence of the Sun and Moon on all living things.

An excellent program for geography students. Divided into three parts, this 30 minute special focuses on river health and water quality in Australia.
River Health

Vast deposits of granite rocks lie five kilometres underneath Australia.

El Nino is not new and can be traced back as far as European records.

In October, 1996, residents of the twin towns of Albury-Wadonga on the NSW-Victoria border were shocked when the floodgates of the nearby Hume Dam were opened.

Like many Australians, the average oyster likes living by the sea and having a good drink. Every hour it sucks in an average of ten litres of water, as it sieves for it's food.

Award winning wildlife film maker, David Parer has built his reputation on delivering the pictures we never thought we'd see.

Geology as a science is recent, beginning in the 18th century, but its heritage is ancient.