Environment and Natural History

Tasmania is home to the biggest marsupial carnivore left on earth - the Tasmanian Devil.

In the 1840s Tasmania's capital Hobart was the second largest whaling port in the world. Total commercial exploitation of whales was the order of the day.

The island of Tasmania is a natural sanctuary for the plants and animals that migrated down the land bridge connecting it to the rest of Australia, which submerged 13,000 years ago.

After the devastation of the bushfire tragedy Victoria in February 2009, Barrie Cassidy presents a one-hour news special, reflecting on those left injured and homeless, and what lies ahead.

A documentary celebrating the emergence of Australia's science city of the south which boasts the world's longest continuous association with Antarctica.

This two part series provides an extensive investigation into one of the greatest biological disasters of the modern age.
Silent Sentinals

This four part series narrated by David Wenham examines the nature, extent, and current and future scenarios around dryland and freshwater salinity.
Episode 1 - The Story

Set in the spectacularly beautiful Antarctica, this film documents how Australia came to lead the world in understanding and conserving this last great wilderness.

The Shipwreck Detectives discover ancient shipwrecks using the latest technology.

The Shipwreck Detectives, a dedicated group of Australian marine archaeologists, have made it their life's work to uncover the truth, through discovery and excavation of some of Australia's most no