Environment and Natural History

Gardening Australia was the first in the trend of "infotainment" programs, with the emphasis always on information.

Still the rain falls and for an astonishing third year in a row the outback rivers flow all the way to Lake Eyre.

The Big Wet is a striking visual record of a particular wet season in the tropical north of Australia.

It's remarkable enough when the great outback rivers occasionally flow to Lake Eyre to bring life to the arid centre of Australia - extraordinary when it happens two years in a row.

This Spanish produced documentary looks at the pressing issue of carbon trading.

This Landline Special covers issues relating to Drought, Aquaculture and the Murray-Darling Basin, as broadcast over the past 5 years.


This special Landline compile looks at how technology and climate change have affected farming practices over the past 5 years.

"Burn the plan, burn the plan."

With access to guerrilla activists and their undercover filming, Matthew Carney reports on the coalition of farmers, local townspeople and even a corporate titan who want to halt Australia's gas ru

The island of Tasmania is a natural sanctuary for the plants and animals that migrated down the land bridge connecting it to the rest of Australia, which submerged 13,000 years ago.