When Tamworth said no to a group of African refugees the fallout touched a nerve in the Australian psyche. In this story Compass examines what happens when a community says 'yes'.

Two years ago Melbourne ophthalmologist Harry Lew began a mission to revive a story that began in a Polish town almost 70 years ago: a true story so terrible that when published in 1948 few could b

The Sikhs are a peace loving people whose religion also recommends studying self-defence and keeping fit so that they might be prepared to fight injustice if necessary.

This program examines the changing patterns of belief in this country, and coincided with the release of the Australian 2001 Census figures which confirmed the continuing decline of traditional Chr

Worried residents of Sydney's fringe suburb Claymore join together to regain the streets from troubling influences.

In the early 20th Century eccentric English priest, John Cyril Hawes, designed and built scores of beautiful churches in the far flung Geraldton diocese in Western Australia.

A medical bungle blinded Ron McCallum hours after his birth. Was this tragedy the making of him?

In recent years roadside memorials have become a common sight along Australian highways and byways, marking the site where people have lost loved ones in road accidents.

On a hot summer's day 20 years ago a crime shattered the tight-knit religious community at New Norcia in Western Australia.

Health Minister Tony Abbott sparked the abortion debate in 2005 when he called Australia’s rate of abortion 'a national tragedy.' A study found that the overwhelming majority of Australians believe