Lactic Acid is blamed for that painful burning sensation you feel when you've pushed yourself a bit too far exercising. Everyone gets it. Even Olympians.

Special report on the growing use of drugs in children with behavioural disorders.


One of the changes sweeping through our society this century is that women are having fewer children, later in life.

For hundreds of years hypnosis has been associated with sideshows and magical mind control, but now cutting edge science is discovering that the real story is quite different, and sometimes even mo

Where on earth do we all come from? That's a question Archaeologists have been fiercely debating for years.

There is a hidden toll on our roads - the trauma of serious brain injury. To understand why, we need to see what really happens in a car crash.

When it comes to water these days every drop counts. Australians have a higher water use per capita than any other country in the world.

Studies from the Northern Hemisphere show that you can keep the cold out and the heat in by adding a green roof to a building. But in warmer climates vegetation can also cool a building down.

Surprisingly little is known about gold nuggets. How do they form, where do they come from and do they hold clues to finding more gold?

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