Superman actor, Christopher Reeve, died before science realised his dream: to walk again. But scientists now believe we are closer than ever to helping the paralysed to walk.

There's no doubt that one of Australia's greatest economic resources is mineral ores.

Farmer and horse-breeder Peter Andrews has been described as everything from a crackpot to a visionary.

Faced with the overwhelming magnitude of global warming, it's easy to feel powerless and dispirited. But Catalyst asks what would happen if enough of us took power into own hands?

Implanting memories sounds like science fiction but it's real and happens everyday.

Even five years ago, the jury was still out on whether marijuana causes psychosis. Well, that's all changed – the data has been flooding in.

Marijuana use is on the increase.

Severe depression will strike one in five Australians at some stage during their lives. The illness can have devastating effects - it is the leading cause of suicide.

Sex is a very complicated affair - at least it is to a lizard in a cold climate. It's long been known that for some reptiles the incubation temperature of their eggs can determine their gender.

It's Murphy's Law. Right? The other lane or queue always seems to be going faster. But change into it and all of a sudden it stops and you're back in the same predicament!