Shopping. We all do it – but beyond basic food and shelter, why do we buy? Dr Jonica Newby travels to the US to meet the scientists investigating the power of the shopping instinct.

Can we trust science to keep our water safe to drink? Drought, increasing populations and shifting rainfall patterns are placing ever greater demands on our water supplies.

Imagine exploring our planet's last great frontier, diving into the inky mysteries of uncharted depths, finding treasures and strange new life forms.

A smart new technological innovation is making Port Hedland an extra $240 million a year.

In May 2007, the Mayor of London laid down a gauntlet: 60% cuts in carbon emissions by 2025 – that's 25 years ahead of the UK's national target – 25 years ahead of anywhere else in the world.

While its critics dismiss Transcendental Meditation as quasi-religious nonsense, its advocates insist it can enhance wellbeing.

How good are you at spotting a lie? We're lied to up to 100 times a day, yet research shows fewer than one in a 1000 people can reliably detect lies.

Have you ever wanted to know what's in store for you? Travelling through time has been the subject of many great science fiction novels and movies. But, is time travel really possible?

In this double episode of Catalyst about ageing, we’ll ask, is it our livers, free radicals, or simply our body’s mistakes that age us, and in Part 2, we look at the race to find the ageing 'cure'.

With a spate of teen bashings, teen road death, and plain incomprehensible teen behaviour, many people are wondering about teenagers today.