In our throw away world a plastic bag outlives it's usefulness after around fifteen minutes. A plastic bottle might last a little longer, party balloons a whole occasion.

Have you noticed any weird weather round your place lately? And do you ever wonder if it's normal... or not?

Genetically Modified Food is a perplexing and hotly debated issue. Will it help to feed the increasing number of hungry mouths into the future?

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Super-science projects like the CERN collider in Switzerland or NASA's launch facilities in America they're always overseas. But now Australia might have its first super-science project.

Demand for oil may soon outstrip supply and without alternatives all our energy will not be met. One way to offset demand is to drive electric cars.

Whether we’re stretching our legs on a long walk or simply sitting down on a park bench, our muscles are involved in everything we do.

We meet an extraordinary young man who's highly gifted mathematically but really struggles with his people skills.

If you think work is getting more stressful, you're not imagining it. Since 1964, the average working week for white collar workers has gone up by 10 hours.