What do you do when you've lost your job, lost your home and you have three kids to feed? You end up in a motel cooking, eating and sleeping in one room at the taxpayer's expense.

While politicians clash noisily over global warming and how to fight it, millions of Australians are trying modestly to cut their energy use, to be a small part of a big solution.

The Liverpool Plains in northern New South Wales has been called the food-bowl of Australia, the nation's most fertile agricultural land.

Australia may be one of the most internet-connected countries on earth, with a super-fast broadband network on the way.

When sordid tales of sex and money and development deals spilled out of the Wollongong anti-corruption hearings, Labor luminaries dashed for cover.

Mortgages doled out to people on disability support pensions; loans to refugees with no English and no jobs that leave their families with next to nothing to live on; home loans so large they push

So you want to build a giant development on an idyllic sweep of beachfront. Who are you going to call?

In an industrial landscape where many unions are diminished in numbers and influence, the Police Association of Victoria keeps on growing its membership, shirtfronting critics and crunching deals.

Greedy, gullible, or victims of the taxman's tardiness? Tens of thousands of Australians who jumped aboard the 1990s tax minimisation bandwagon are being called to account.

It's part of a service industries revolution that's sweeping workplaces, based on the old notion that time is money.