Secrets of St Marys is a scientific detective story that follows a team of student archaeologists as they set out to discover what life was like for the first settlers of South Australia.

Nurses and doctors recall the Spanish influenza epidemic which swept Australia in 1919. At least twenty million people died of the flu around the world, including twelve thousand Australians.

Florence Violet McKenzie was born in the years which gave rise to the first wave of feminism, apt timing for a woman who, during her long life, distinguished herself in technical fields and opened

In the closing days of 1964, Prime Minister Robert Menzies introduced a bill in Parliament which would prove to be one of the most controversial and divisive decisions in Australia's history.

Since medieval times, we've depended upon bridges and tunnels to get us over and under the landscape. But technological advances have revolutionised the way they're designed and built.

In October, 1996, residents of the twin towns of Albury-Wadonga on the NSW-Victoria border were shocked when the floodgates of the nearby Hume Dam were opened.

The story of six Wallabies, who after touring South Africa in 1969, realized that playing International rugby against South Africa would be condoning apartheid.

Docu-drama on police and political corruption in Queensland, as exposed during the Fitzgerald Inquiry.

The discovery of gold changed the course of Australia's history, when the gold rush era saw the population triple, the creation of inland towns on what had been vast sheep runs, the end of convict

The roar of a hunting dinosaur echoes through the misty forest, while safe in a burrow the great-great grandmother of today's platypus gives birth to an egg...