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Ian Conway is a man determined to make a difference. Twenty years ago he made a promise to an Aboriginal elder.

In 2003 a young American bride, Tina Watson, died during a honeymoon scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef.

In May 2008 hardened court officials were moved to tears by one of the most unusual cases ever to come to trial.

In 2000 Tim McCallum was accepted into the prestigious Academy of Performing Arts in Western Australia; the culmination of a childhood dream.

When Nicole Kidman gave birth to a baby girl in Nashville in 2008, she may have been relieved to be several thousand kilometres away from the long lens of Sydney paparazzo Jamie Fawcett.

Australian Story looks at a medical mystery, as two Australian women, Mary Rezo and Shani Eldridge, battle to come to terms with a rare and debilitating lung disease that strikes down women of chil

Australia has a proud history of entertainers visiting war zones to lift the morale of our troops. On the face of it, a tour of Afghanistan and Iraq would not appeal to everyone.

Anne Garton is a young Queensland woman who set her sights high from an early age and consistently achieved outstanding results in the sporting, academic and professional arenas.

What would drive a woman to blackmail a state premier? Merri Rose is a former politician who went from high school drop out, to cabinet minister, to prisoner in sensational circumstances.

When Australian Story first met teenage fiction author John Marsden in 2002 he was suffering writers block and had given up full-time teaching.