(Study Guide) The Art Life

The Art Life is a three-part television series exploring the current landscape of Australian art, in all its many fascinating permutations. Each episode is thirty minutes long, making it ideally suited for use in the secondary classroom. The series is a tour of contemporary Australian art, what it means and why it matters - and whatever you make of writer and presenter Andrew Frost, by the end of the third and final episode you will be convinced that it does matter, such is his persuasive charm and enthusiasm. Each episode profiles a range of artists, while conducting a broader investigation into the very heart and soul of contemporary Australian art, setting some intriguing and distinctive work in its cultural context.

The Art Life could be well utilised across all secondary art class levels, providing teaching and learning opportunities to enhance critical faculties and develop analytical and interpretive skills. Given the wide age range for which this series has relevance, an attempt has been made to present topics with varying degrees of complexity and sophistication.

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