Visions of Democracy

A six part series co-produced with educational broadcasters in six countries including Australia. This series is designed to engage young audiences in the study of democratic government in its variety of forms.
Aiming for a truly global perspective on democracy in action, the series contains episodes from Ireland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden/ Denmark and Australia.
Each program focuses on an important issues affecting today's youth.
Ep 1 - Australia: The Right to Work
We follow four young people as they prepare to vote, and through their personal stories we gain an understanding of democracy at work in Australia today.
Ep 2 - Ireland: The Right to Choose
The story of the controversial issue of abortion in Ireland today.
Ep 3 - South Africa: A Thin White Line
Explores the complexity of race and democracy through one small comunity and their battle to become good neighbours in the new South Africa.
Ep 4 - Spain: This Song is Our Song
Looks at language as a political issue. A band must decide whether to perform in Catalan or Spanish language.
Ep 5 - USA: The US Confronts the Information Age
Freedom of Speech is the heart of the American Constitution so how do you regulate the internet?
Ep 6 - Denmark/Sweden: Janne and the Bridge
Centres on the democratic decision-making process, or lack of it regarding the establishment of the Oresund Fixed Link between both countries.

This program is released for non theatrical use within educational, government and business organisations. Additional payments under a Screenrights licence are not required. Please contact us for Exhibition or Streaming Licences.

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6 x 30 mins
Series Episode
Standard $495
Schools $385

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