Uncommon Genius

Young Australian psychologist, Dr Robyn Young's extraordinary expedition into the nature of intelligence in a continent-wide journey to meet some of the world's most prodigious minds, including some of those who inspired the Oscar-winning movie 'Rain Man'.
Savants are people who suffer the dysfunction of autism and yet display seemingly superhuman mental skills. Some are precocious artists, some have staggering memories, some can calculate faster than a machine. How does such intelligence work? Robyn begins her journey in vibrant downtown New York, where she renews acquaintance with George Finn, one of the famous prime number reciting twins discovered by neurologist Dr Oliver Sacks. George can name the day for every date on a 40,000-year calendar. He remembers the weather for every day of his life. How does he do it?
Why are so many savants' gifted musicians? Why are so many also blind? Robyn travels to historic Boston to meet Tony. He's blind, autistic and a prodigious musician. We'll see how he lives and watch him perform. He plays piano and guitar brilliantly - and unconventionally.

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Production Year: 
54 mins
Series Episode
Standard $110
Schools $88

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