Storytellers of the Pacific

Storytellers of the Pacific is about indigenous people in the Pacific – their cultures, spirituality, histories, experiences and survival after colonisation. It looks at identity, land rights, self-determination, human rights and healing, presenting a personalised view from each of the different indigenous groups. The stories are contemporary, but in their telling, reflect a history and social and cultural values, that have been misrepresented or silenced for centuries. Each episode contains five segments from Australia, Samoa, Canada, New Zealand, USA, dealing with the subject of active reaffirmation of native culture amongst indigenous people.
Ep 1 - Identity
This episode looks at the work of Pauline McCleod, an Aboriginal Story Teller and protector of her heritage.
Ep 2 - Land Rights
This episode profiles Gatjil Djerkurra, Chairperson of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC)from 1996 to 2000.
Ep 3 - Self-Determination
Aboriginal housing activist Sol Bellear is profiled.
Ep 4 - Healing
This episode profiles Murri writer and poet Burraga Gutya.

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4 x 50 mins
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