Sleek Geeks Series 2

The SLEEK GEEKS are two of Australia's best loved science broadcasters, Karl Kruszelnicki and Adam Spencer. This is the second series of SLEEK GEEKS, a quirky, entertaining and informative science show.
Volume 1
1 - Superhuman
Karl and Adam looking at walking, fine motor skills, pattern recognition, nerve reflexes and the best way to kill a cockroach. We investigate red blood cells, the human ear and compare weights of body parts.
Ep 2 - Big Mouth
In this show Karl and Adam reveal the gases and bacteria at play in your mouth, talk to world expert Mel Rosenberg and get their mouths and noses checked. We find out how you can test yourself for bad breath, cure it and also how to tell a stinky friend.
3 - Why Is It So Part 1
In this edition Karl and Adam do what they do best, taking questions from the audience. A combination of questions from the live studio audience, the website and also some classics we look at some of the big issues. How do you define infinity? If the world stops turning will we fall off? When your defrosting meat why does blood seep through the bag?
Ep 4 - Apocalypse
In this episode Karl and Adam sort the molten lava from the palaver and tell you why you should have superannuation plans for 2013 and beyond. As well as dispelling the 2012 myth, the Geeks look at the real threats the world faces. Supervolcanoes, Death Stars, Near Earth Objects, Plague and Nuclear annihilation.
Volume 2
Ep 5 - Eating
Why do we eat and what does it do to us? In this episode Karl and Adam examine the science of eating. We decode the Basal Metabolic Rate, explain digestion and tell you why fidgeting is good for you. Rubens sets light to a Gummy Bear to see just how much sugar is in it.
Ep 6 - Why Is It So Part 2
In this edition Karl and Adam tackles question about what's in water other than water, how to win lotto (or why you won't win lotto), why the sky is blue, what happens to your body when go under general anaesthetic and does your body really renew itself every 7 years.
Ep 7 - Colour
We follow from the moment photons leave the sun right up to the point that the brain processes the waves and interprets them as colours. Adam explains optical illusions while Karl compares types of light, (tungsten, fluoro and LED) and finds out what makes eyes blue. He also gets an MRI to find the colour centres in the brain while Adam investigates how salmon farmers dye the fish through their feed.
Ep 8 - Weeing
So what actually happens after you drink a glass of water? How does it comes out the other end? We show an x-ray of a bladder emptying and amazing footage of the urinary tract. We demythologize the drink-eight-glasses-of-water-a-day belief, that you should wee on a jellyfish sting and belief that there is a burgeoning market for stolen kidneys. We discuss breaking the seal and stopping mid-stream. We discuss exploding kidneys and why men always splatter.

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