Second Opinion - Asthma

In Australia, one quarter of all children have now been diagnosed as asthmatic, a statistic which puts us in the top three in the world for incidence of the disease. Judy and panellists Dr Susan McKenzie, chiropractor Stephen Crean and integrative GP Dr Russell Cooper discuss two very different approaches to managing asthma and minimising the often terrifying occurrence of attacks.
Young Adam is 12 and has suffered from chronic asthma since he was three years old. He first visited chiropractor Stephen Crean following a particularly violent asthma attack that left him with back and chest pain.
Most people would not associate chiropractic treatment with asthma management but here we gain insight into how spinal and rib cage manipulation can offer great relief to asthmatics and, as in Adam’s case, can form a central part of effective management of the condition.

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