Second Opinion - Arthritis

Judy and panellists Dr Arjun von Caemmerer, osteopath Chando Steiner and registered nurse Maggi Koerbin from the Arthritis Foundation discuss two very different approaches to managing arthritis and the immense pain associated with the condition. Jane has osteoarthritic hips due to having had congenital hip dysplasia. She had become used to the pain having had it most of her life. She first visited osteopath Chando Steiner two years ago on the recommendation of her pharmacist.
After two years of osteopathy treatment with Chando, Jane says her pain has been substantially reduced. She finds it difficult to explain to friends exactly what Chando does, but it works. Here we gain an insight into her therapy of choice. How can warm water ease that arthritic pain? We hear from Barbara, a sufferer for ten years.
She has severe osteoarthritis that mainly affects the large weight bearing joints of hips, knees and back and had a hip replacement two years ago. We see how warm water therapy gives Barbara some much needed pain relief and provides a support network for sufferers of the condition.

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