Salinity and the Australian Environment - Special Schools Compile

A Special Schools Compile
This package of news and current affairs reports focuses on the issue of salinity and its impact on the Australian environment. Broader environmental issues are covered in the Lateline program, which includes an assessment of Australia's political and economic commitment to ecological sustainability.
7.30 REPORT - SALINITY broadcast on 13 May 1999
This report focuses on current developments in the problem of salinity in Australian environments and the despondency of scientists in finding a solution.
NEWS ITEM - SALINITY CRISIS broadcast on 21 July 1998
Features a brief look at the worsening salinity problem in the Murray Darling Basin and West Australian Wheat belt.
NEWS ITEM - SALT FARM broadcast on 23 August 1998
Features a salt farm set up on salinity affected land in north west Victoria which has the double purpose of producing salt for sale and rehabilitating the land for farming.
NEWS ITEM - INLAND RIVERS broadcast on 12 February 1999
Reports on a scientific study which warns that no more water can be extracted from inland rivers without the risk of serious environmental damage.
NEWS ITEM - MURRAY WATER broadcast on 16 March 1999
Explains problems with the Murray Darling river system, including blue green algae, salinity and mouth closure.
LANDLINE - KERANG SALT broadcast on 19 July 1998
Farmers in the Kerang area of Victoria introduce management strategies to fight the salinity problem.
LANDLINE - KERANG SALT 2 broadcast on 2 August 1998
A report on the farmers of the Tragowel plains of Victoria learning to live and farm with the problem of salinity.
LATELINE - COMING CLEAN broadcast on 6 May 1999
Assesses Australia's political and economic commitment ecological sustainability. Ten years ago, this was a top government priority, but now it appears to be put on the back burner. Interviews and discussion about the government's achievements in the environment by: Senator Robert Hill Environment and Heritage Minister; Mr Greg Bourne BP Amoco Australia and NZ; Ms Wendy Craik National Farmers Federation; and Peter Garrett President, ACF.

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