Quantum - River Systems

An excellent program for geography students. Divided into three parts, this 30 minute special focuses on river health and water quality in Australia.
River Health
An action-packed story from the stunning wild rivers of South-West Tasmania shows the lengths that researchers go to in collecting data on river health.
Water - Stormwater/Creeks
Concrete drains may have had their day. They dispose of storm water but they exacerbate urban flooding, do little for the environment and absolutely nothing for the look of the place. In Sydney's western suburbs plans are underway to demolish the drains and restore the old creeks.
Macquarie Marshes
Up until recently, flood water that made it past the irrigators into the Macquarie Marshes of inland NSW was considered "waste"water. Gigantic on-farm storage dams were built to catch "excess"water. But these days, "swamps"are called "wetlands"and floods that cover the river plains and wetlands are called "environmental flows"and are recognised as having central importance to our economic well being. This change in attitude is nowhere more evident than in the controversial Macquarie Marshes Water Management Plan.

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30 mins
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