The Problem With Men

On average, men die almost seven years earlier than women and have higher rates of heart disease, lung cancer, cardiovascular disease - in fact, almost every life threatening condition. And yet, men use health services far less frequently than women and they are far less likely to be receptive to health promotion messages or to change their lifestyle in order to become healthy. John Clarke presents and narrates the series, which explains why and explores what's being done to make men better.

Episode One - The Life Cycle of the Ostrich

Biologically inferior males are trapped by nature, social roles and cultural myths into patterns of behaviour that have a devastating impact on their health. We consider: what is a man and what makes him that way? What is masculinity? How do men learn to be men and what impact does masculinity have on men's health? Why do men (particularly young men) take risks? Why don't men go to the doctor? We go to a Bachelor and Spinsters Ball in outback Australia, accompany a group of men in their first medical checkup in years and meet the experts from around the world who have the knowledge to provide answers to all of those questions.

Episode Two - The John Thomas Show

This episode looks at testicles and the penis. Men and their partners talk openly about the way in which their relationships have come close to being destroyed due to problems such as impotence and testicular cancer. Episode two also introduces a new breed of doctors who are on a commercially lucrative mission to improve their lot.

Episode Three - The Thing from the Black Lagoon

This episode considers one of the two gender killers of men - prostate cancer. General Norman Schwarzkopf, who confidently led his troops into war in the Gulf, talks openly about his fear of doctors and hospitals - a fear he had to confront when he was diagnosed with cancer of the prostate. Episode three also profiles a patient with prostate cancer, before and after his operation and meets with men whose cancer almost killed them before they acted on it.

Episode Four - The Boy's Own Choice

In Dallas, Texas, Dr Ken Goldberg set up the world's first men's clinic and now take men's health into the workplace. In New Zealand, some of the world's biggest blokes have decided they can't keep on getting bigger and have begun an innovative and exciting program under the auspices of the National Heart Foundation and specialist hospitals. In Australia rural men are embracing the Men's Night Out program where blokes meet in a pub and talk about ... not racing, beer or women, but their health.

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