Pregnancy for Dummies

Doctors Joanne Stone and Keith Eddleman of Mt. Sinai Hospital, co-authors of the best-selling book Pregnancy For Dummies, host this informative series that demystifies the very mystical process of pregnancy by answering the many questions an expectant couple may have. Inspired by the book, this DVD uses fun graphics and humour to guide new parents through the exciting and emotional months from pregnancy to delivery to the first few months of life. Pregnancy for Dummies introduces you to real-life couples experiencing the challenges and rewards of pregnancy. Accompany them on doctor's visits, shopping trips, and first outings with their new babies to see the joy of pregnancy and parenting through their eyes.

Ep 1 - The First Trimester The First Trimester provides an entertaining and informative journey through the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. This episode follows couples as they encounter their first OB appointment, prenatal testing, ultrasounds and all the body changes and worries that go along with being pregnant.

Ep 2 - The Second Trimester 13 - 26 weeks This episode follows couples as they encounter second trimester events like baby's first movements, the twenty week ultrasound and shopping for the baby. They also experience not so fun second trimester occurrences like mood swings, body changes, more prenatal testing and dealing with gestational diabetes.

Ep 3 - The Third Trimester The Third Trimester look at the final weeks of pregnancy. The couples experience third trimester body changes, doctor visits, preparations for birth and then the pinnacle of pregnancy - labor and delivery.

Ep 4 - The First Three Months This program explains what to expect both during the first few days in the hospital and once parents go home with their new bundle of joy. From coping with engorged breasts to getting some sleep, the episode gives tips to new parents on how to deal with some of the body and life changes they'll experience once the baby is born.

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