Passion of Gina Sinozich, The

Croatian-born grandmother Gina Sinozich has painted a prodigious and impressive collection of hundreds of internationally celebrated paintings since she first took up a brush just six years ago.
Working from the garage at her western Sydney suburbs home, Gina paints furiously to preserve the memories she and her husband Eugen share from a tumultuous lifetime, which included war, penniless immigration from Yugoslavia and then his decline into dementia six years ago.
It was Eugen's illness that prompted her to begin painting, revealing a talent that is being hailed internationally and in prestigious Australian galleries, including the National Gallery in Canberra. Her work covers topics ranging from the mundane to the extraordinary and demonstrates a unique sense of ordinary lives being shaped by historical forces.
The Iraq war made her confront her own memories of World War II and the heroism of Eugen as he fought alongside the Croatian partisans. At an age where most people are slowing down, this warm and engaging woman has found a unique way to transform the memory and events of her life into a powerful picture of the human condition.

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28 mins
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