Our Little Secret (Opening Shot)

Chas Fisher, a 28-year-old survivor of child sexual abuse, wants to know why people sexually abuse children. On a personal level, he wants to get his head around what happened to him when he was six years old. But he also hopes that understanding the motivation behind these crimes will allow society to better address the problem, and in doing so, help keep kids safe.

Chas reflects that at the time of his abuse, he didn’t realise what he suffered was wrong and didn’t tell anyone. He now realises that open communication is the key. One day he’ll talk to his son about this issue as he knows that avoiding it won’t keep his son safe.

OPENING SHOT is an initiative between Screen Australian and ABC TV that gives voice to a new generation of filmmakers - with stories to match. Filmmaking teams, all with a director under 35 years, have been given the opportunity to create a prime time half hour film that not only develops their long form filmmaking skills but also fires an (opening) shot into the national conversation about Australia today.

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Production Year: 
30 mins
Series Episode
Standard $88
Schools $66

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