Navigators, The

The year is 1801. Two rival expeditions, hailed as "Voyages of Discovery" , sail away from the carnage of the Napolenonic Wars to explore an unknown land Terra Australis. Their mission is to study 'nature', to search for knowledge, answers. Thus, two men - the Frenchman Nicolas Baudin, and his English rival, Matthew Flinders - embark on the adventure of a lifetime. At stake is the prize of a continent.
Join Nicolas Baudin as he slowly loses control of his crew, his mission and ultimately his sanity, but delivers back to France arguably the greatest natural history collection the world has ever seen.
Travel with the young, ambitious Matthew Flinders who seizes the opportunity of a lifetime only to discover himself pitted against shipwreck, imprisonment and his formidable pride. Join two fascinating, forgotten men as they journey back into the unknown.

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2 x 52 mins
Series Episode
Standard $165
Schools $132

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