In the Mind of the Architect

This three-part series is about the thing we call architecture . . . but it is more particularly about us.

This is the story of how buildings and public spaces get to be made, told principally through an exposure of the public and private realms of a number of very different Australian architects. This series is about politics, art, history, poetry, philosophy...about dreams and despair. The passions of complex individuals, their colleagues, detractors and admirers.

These documentaries aim to trace the spirit and politics of these artists in our predominantly secular Australian culture. They will enable us to tell a different story, to shed some of our simplistic notions of ourselves and our cultural worth.

Ep 1 - Keeping the Faith We cross the country to examine how architects use ideas to change the way we live and think. We look at a crematorium, a law court, a public hall and two private houses.

Ep 2 - The Public Good In this episode we look at the tough and brutal politics of getting buildings built - who is paying and what they get for their money. And where do we, the public, stand in all of this?

Ep 3 - The Corrugated Dream Australia is a country of many climates and cultures. So is there an identifiable Australian architecture? We canvass the opinions of a range of architects around Australia. Some state there is no such thing as "Australian Architecture", placing a strong emphasis on the role of landscape and climate as mediating factors in the way buildings find their individuality.

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3 x 56 mins
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