Kimberley - Land of the Wandjina

The Wandjina, spirit guardians of one of the last great wilderness areas on Earth, watch over a land ruled on the coast by some of the most ferocious tides in the world, and in the inland by fresh water, falling water or no water at all.

Everything in the Kimberley in northwest Australia has adapted to live with the cycles of running water and extremes of wet and dry, and to survive the long periods of drought between the torrential monsoon rains.

The Durack dreaming came to an end and the best of the old Durack country was drowned by the Argyle dam, along with many sacred aboriginal places. The descendents of those times, both black and white, look back to the ghosts of lives past and remember the old days with real longing for something which is now forever lost.

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Production Year: 
53 mins
Series Episode
Standard $110
Schools $88

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