Happy Body - At Work

An inactive lifestyle, the demands of busy lives and age have left many people feeling flat, achy and lacking in energy. Hosted by leading physiotherapist Anna-Louise Bouvier, the Happy Body Series explores how to get the most out of your body in everyday life.
Travel might broaden your mind but it can play havoc with your body. From hours at the steering wheel, rock hard seats on a long haul flight or uncomfortable hotel pillows, travel presents plenty of hurdles to a happy body. Arrive at your destination feeling fantastic with leading physiotherapist, Anna-Louise Bouvier’s, essential tips for travel. Light-hearted and humorous, this guide reveals how to get comfortable on a plane, how to set up your hotel room for maximum rest and how to beat the dreaded jet lag. Avoid looking and feeling like a wreck with this valuable and fun guide.
1. Fantastic Flights
Long haul flights can often cause crooked necks and sore backs. Ease the aches with these proven strategies. Discover the optimum way to place pillows and neck cushions to ensure comfort and rest. Find out the simple exercises to keep your circulation pumping. Disembark feeling fresh and energised with these fun tips from leading physiotherapist, Anna-Louise Bouvier.
2. Coping with Hotel Rooms
If you spend lots of time travelling for work this is a must see. Hotel rooms can be luxurious but also play havoc with your work and sleep routine. Learn how to set up your room to be ergonomic and comfortable by creating different zones for work and sleep. Discover the sure-fire strategies to prevent the dreaded tossing and turning all night. In this fun and engaging program, leading physiotherapist, Anna-Louise Bouvier, shows you how to make your hotel room work as a home and office.
3. Getting a Good Night's Sleep
When you’re on the road, you face the Goldilocks syndrome with beds and pillows that are too soft or too hard. In this useful guide, leading physiotherapist, Anna-Louise Bouvier, shows you how to transform any bed into a comfortable sleep zone. Discover the ultimate check-list to ensure maximum rest and rejuvenation.
4. Beating Jet Lag
Travelling to the other side of the world plays havoc with your body clock. Recalibrate your rhythms with this fun guide to beating jet lag. Leading physiotherapist, Anna-Louise Bouvier, outlines smart strategies to get your body time aligned. From stretching, to walking, to optimum time zones, you’ll be in sync in no time.
5. Lugging Luggage
Despite the handy wheels on modern luggage you will still find yourself hoisting, pulling and lugging heavy cases. Whether lifting into overhead lockers on planes, going the mad grab at the carousel, or shoving baggage in and out of cars, there are plenty of luggage danger zones. In this fun guide, leading physiotherapist, Anna-Louise Bouvier, takes the lug out of luggage with clever tips and tricks to protect your body from injury.
6. The Driver’s Seat
If you’re about to spend an extended time behind the wheel of your car, discover the winning tips and strategies to save your back and body. In this fun guide, leading physiotherapist, Anna-Louise Bouvier, shows you how to set up your car for long distance driving to prevent annoying neck stiffness, back ache and arm pain. It’s the ultimate one-stop guide for when you’re in the driver’s seat.
Sitting at a desk all day is hard work for your body. That achy back and strained shoulders are your body trying to tell you something. Discover how to build your body to cope with hours at your desk with leading physiotherapist, Anna-Louise Bouvier. This fun and engaging program reveals how to ease backache, remove neck strain and increase energy. With just a few simple changes to your posture and routine, you’ll feel better and be more productive at work. With former Wallaby, Al Baxter, taking you through the essential moves, you’ll be at the top of your game in no time. Create a happy body with this indispensable guide.
1. Stop The Slump
Take a look around your office. Can you see lots of rounded shoulders and slumped backs? These are classic signs of a collapsed core spelling disaster for your body. Leading physiotherapist, Anna-Louise Bouvier, reveals how to stop the slump at your desk. Practical and fun, you’ll look and feel so much better with just a few simple changes.
2. Ease Your Backache
Work is busy enough without having to deal with backaches or discomfort. The good news is a few simple changes to your sitting position and some regular stretching can instantly relieve your aches. Leading physiotherapist, Anna-Louise Bouvier, has devised a practical and fun program to ease workplace backache. Easy to do at your desk, your back will thank you.
3. Take The Load Off Your Neck
If you spend most of your day huddled over a keyboard, it’s no wonder you get a pain in your neck. Leading physiotherapist, Anna-Louise Bouvier, reveals the essential strategies to remove neck strain in this practical and fun guide. From positioning your screen, to firing up your core, learn the key ways to take the load off your neck and feel fantastic.
4. Stress Signals
If you don’t manage stress, it can become reflected in your body and place extra strain on your system. Leading physiotherapist, Anna-Louise Bouvier, shows you how to identify your stress signals and the best ways to manage it. Fun and practical, perform DIY diagnosis and treatment and feel in control at work.
5. Get Moving
A sedentary body is an unhappy body. In this guide, leading physiotherapist, Anna-Louise Bouvier, offers fun and helpful ideas to show you how to move more in your day. From creating standing work zones, to adding more steps in your day, these simple strategies will give you more energy and optimise body function.
6. Recharge your Body
Learn the secrets of a perfect sleep. Discover how to switch off from the day and calm your body and mind to ensure your sleep is restorative and rejuvenating. Leading physiotherapist, Anna-Louise Bouvier, shows you the ideal sleep environment with helpful strategies to deal with the 3am ‘wake and worry’ routine. Create the perfect slumber.

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