Four Corners - In My Shoes

They're bone-weary, stressed-out, poor and increasingly desperate - yet day and night, year in, year out, Australia's family carers keep responding to a multitude of someone else's needs. But carers need to be cared for too. Now,carers are demanding help: more funding in recognition of the 'bucketload' they save governments - and a far bigger say in how it's spent.
Carers are used to heavy lifting; now they're doing it politically. Lobby groups have sprung up to speak for a movement they say is at least 2.6 million strong. They claim that if family carers all quit tomorrow, governments would have to find more than $30 billion to pay someone else to do the job. They want more support, and less red tape. Family carers and their loved ones are constantly battered by what they see as blunt and mindless rules enforced by layers of federal and state bureaucracies. The mantra: 'the criteria'.
After Four Corners movingly explored their plight three years ago in 'The Hidden Army', thousands of carers descended on Canberra to demand that politicians walk a mile in their shoes. Now reporter Quentin McDermott asks if anything has changed for carers at home - and whether or not their new found political muscle is paying off.

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