Four Corners - Cry Freedom: Mandela's Legacy

Nelson Mandela promised a South Africa based on freedom and equality. But as the country's former leader lies in hospital critically ill, the nation he fought to create is slowly disintegrating.
Reporter Matthew Carney goes to South Africa to try and understand the forces that threaten to pull the "rainbow nation" apart. What he finds after nearly 20 years of ANC in government is a tiny black elite have enriched themselves at the expense of a poor black majority. For the poor not much has changed... eighteen million people live on less than two dollars a day.
The Marikana mine massacre illuminates the massive contradictions and difficulties confronting the country. On the 16th August last year, 3,000 miners gathered to protest sub-standard wages. The police opened fire killing 34 people and wounding another 78. Some were killed in the initial attack, but it's alleged that many who died were actually shot in cold blood by police after the initial salvos were fired. Later, it was alleged the police planted weapons on the dead to justify their actions.
Carney talks to miners and protestors who survived the massacre, many of whom tell their stories for the first time. Some claim they were tortured and one miner tells how he was shot seven times by a black policeman. Marikana shocked the nation and evoked powerful memories of Apartheid massacres like Sharpeville and Soweto.
The program also looks at the Commission of Inquiry that has been set up to find out what really happened at Marikana. A year on from the tragedy the Inquiry is bogged down in legal argument and there is a serious threat that government funding will be cut for the miners' legal costs.

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