Graeme Murphy's Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is perhaps the greatest love story ever told – but it hasn’t been told by one of Australia’s greatest storytellers…until now. Image: ...


Message Stick - Festival of Pacific Arts

Imagine getting away to a beautiful tropical paradise where you can be entertained by hundreds of the Pacific’s most talented artists and performers. Every four years that dream becomes a reality at...


Compass - Dancing to Disney

From rehearsals to the big day, Compass follows Australia's much loved dance troupe The Merry Makers as they rehearse and make their way to Disneyland in California for their first ever overseas perfo...


IT Dansa: Following the Footsteps

In 1999 a unique dance company was established in Barcelona with the aim of turning a selection of the best contemporary dance students from around the world into first class professionals. The person...


Dreamtime to Dance

As their indigenous dance college, NAISDA, battles to survive a funding crisis, students Clarence and Rachel embark on journeys of cultural awakening as they strive to become professional... Read on

Enough Rope - Michael Ware

There are two types of war correspondent - those who stick to the circuit of military briefings, safe hotels and careful excursions into unstable areas, and those who throw themselves at the job with...


Enough Rope - The Music in Me

This is a documentary about the Merry Makers, a dance group for physically and mentally disabled people in suburban Sydney. The group was first formed in the 70's, and at the time a 12 year old Lucind...


Enough Rope - Stephen Page

At just 26, Stephen Page became the artistic director of the internationally acclaimed Bangarra Dance Company. His work since at the 2000 Olympics, last year's Adelaide Festival and on stages all over...


Firebird and Other Legends

A celebration of three timeless ballets - Firebird, Petrouchka, and Les Sylphides - performed by The Australian Ballet at the Sydney Opera House, and broadcast live on ABC2. Hosted by Jennifer Byrne...


Message Stick - Saibai Island Home

Saibai Island in the Torres Strait is so far north it's only four kilometres from Papua New Guinea. Message Stick follows a group of students from NAISDA Dance College, near Sydney, as they travel to...